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Photo Gallery Update

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Faces of Cambodia
Faces of Cambodia

RunAwayProp has had the opportunity to do a Photo Gallery Update with images from our time in Cambodia.  Cambodia was an amazing place to live.  Something like the wild west in some areas, and then in others, just a chilled relaxed place to spend my time.  I worked at EcoSea Dive center from 2010 – 2011, and it was an interesting time.  Some days very rewarding, and others very challenging.

Cambodia has a lot to offer the traveller with some of the most interesting historical sites, from a time in their history where the host heinous crimes against humanity occurred,  the temples are beautiful and people are so very friendly.  Pay attention of course to your belongs as they can go missing pretty quickly.

Diving here is very interesting, with low visibility but some amazing

Koh Run Samloem
Koh Run Samloem

macro life, muck diving heaven if you are into it.  If you are planning on big visibility and huge pelagics you will be disappointed, but muck diving is the rage, in my opinion of course.   Be sure to carefully select your dive operator.  While working there, I was witness to some unethical behavior,  one liveaboard would pump their oily bilge water to the ocean, while on the reefs as long as the guests were underwater where it could not be witnessed, and the owner professes to be concerned about the environment.

If you have any questions be sure to let me know, and I hope you enjoy the Photo Gallery Update.

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