About Us

About Us – Who I Am & What I Do

Hello and welcome to the Runawayprop blog! I’m Ken Dunlop , the owner and the Admin of this travel photography blog. I’m an adventurous Canadian who loves to travel the world and document my experiences. I write about everything ranging from the coolest destinations of the world to travel photography tips – how to get nice shots and best document your adventures – and the best gears and camera gears to bring along. Just name it. Everything you need to become a travel photographer and make great adventures – all from personal accounts having experienced them firsthand.

How It Started

Until now, I’ve traveled the world on job assignments having served in the Canadian Navy for 2 decades. During those times, I’ve experienced the world in quite a different way. You know, you don’t get to catch a glimpse of the beauty of a destination or take a photograph as you watch the sunset over a calm ocean on such travels – it’s always business as usual. However, even on those travels, I’ve always known what I wanted to do after I retired. Which is to experience the world in quite a different way; enjoy the beauty and the calmness of the seas whilst listening to Sitting on the Dock of the Bay  from my earpod. There’s more to life after all.

How I can help you

Are you wondering how you can benefit from this great blog?
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Well, just like a library, the Runawayprop blog is a repository. However, unlike a library that keeps the information about a topic or subject in books and other materials, the Runawayprop blog keeps an account of my travels both in words and graphics.

My experiences can get you prepared for whenever you’re ready to set out on your travels.

Basically, this is where you can learn everything from how to be a good travel photographer to getting the most out of your adventures by making them memorable.

I can also help you make great decisions about your choices of gears and camera gears and as well direct you to where you can get a hold of them at great prices. From time to time, you’ll see hyperlinks linking out of the blog to some sites and vendors that sell these gears.

Note that I get a commission on every purchase you make following up on those affiliate links.

With the Runawayprop blog, you’ll never miss out on anything travel and travel photography.

Breakdown of my Major Adventures

Having served in the Canadian navy for two decades, you’d expect that I’ve seen a great deal of the finest destinations the world can boast of. Yes! You’re right. So far, I’ve traveled across 5  continents of the world.

While in the Canadian navy, I’ve traveled to Ecuador, Mexico, the US, Borneo (Brunei, Labuan), Australia, Guam, Hawaii (this one is special. Traveled down there every month for three good years 😄), Spain, Azores, Korea, Costa Rica, Panama…. and just many more on special assignments. I worked in South East Asia teaching Scuba Divers and training people to be Dive Masters and Instructors.

Since I retired from the navy, I have seen some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery,  sunsets, women, and marine life one can only imagine. I have fallen in love with Southeast Asia, with the simple way of life. I lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines for 5 years. And I have met amazing people from all over the world; Germany, England, France…

Longing to go to India

I long to visit India, and then of course back to my beautiful Southeast Asia.

This blog is for those of us who love travel, love the beauty, and know that material things bring no pleasure other than the simple momentary gratification and then the need to have more.  I have lived in some very interesting places with literally a couple of pennies to rub together.

About Us - RunAway Prop
About Us – RunAway Prop

The next place of wonder I wish to explore will be the Philippines, I want to get to know the culture, the land, and people. So far, I’ve been very impressed with the depth of the people I have met from this land. I visited Manila once for a few days, while I was in the Navy.

The experience wasn’t that great as the trip was terrible, filled with stress and concern. I could only walk around the areas the boat was tied up at, and I did not give it a chance to steal my heart away…now I long to go back and fall in love once again with the amazing area of the world.

I hope you like this blog, and if you have any comments or have something fun and interesting to share, please do not hesitate to send it off to RunAway Prop!!

With hundreds of the world destinations to visit and a lifetime of travel experience to enjoy. I say, welcome to becoming! Cheers!!!!