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All New Website – Qrious Wanderer 2022

Qrious Wanderer’s Kitchen

I have been spending a lot of time on this new Website I found, and though this is a little off the topic of Travel it does still tie in with the theme of this website. Since I lived for a number of months in the Philippines, I fell in love with many of the local foods. This website is being run by a Filipino who has married and moved to Canada, and she has started posting local recipes.

One of my favorite dishes is Adobo and Rice, and sure enough, there is an Adobo Recipe on this site that is to die for! The taste is so authentic Filipino. She even has a video on YouTube showing how to make your Rice perfectly every time. My wife showed me the Finger Nail measuring method, and it seems to work for me every time no matter whether I use a rice cooker or a pot on the stove. I would highly recommend you take the 2 and a half minutes the video runs to see how to make rice easily!

Juice Recipe…

Qrious Wanderer also has a recipe section where she is posting Juice Recipes. I am a big juice fan, there is one thing that I learned in my travels that juice, and I mean real juice, freshly made from the fruits, not the factory is so good for you. I found during my various travels that I could find freshly made juice almost anywhere.

Whether we are halfway from Phenom Penh to Sihanoukville on the highway and we pulled over at that little local food tent, or we are in a restaurant proper you could always find amazing Juices available if that is something that you will like. I am drinking fresh mad Pomegranate Juice as I type here, and I made it from Qrious Wanderer’s recipe. The flavor is amazing! Don’t miss out, be sure to give it a try!

Flavors of the Philippines

Having lived in the Philippines, one of the things I miss the most is the food. There are so many fabulous dishes that I love, and it is difficult being back here in Canada to find the authentic taste, but Qrious Wanderer’s Kitchen is pumping out recipes of all my favorite dishes. Stop by her site and check out the section “Flavors of the Philippines” I promise you, you will not be sorry!

Stop by the website and take a look, then come back and leave a comment, what you think of the recipes. If you love travel food, you will certainly love the food you find on this site! Merry Christmas to all of my followers! Our next post will be talking about music to meditate by. Cheers

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