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YYZ - Flying to the Philippines (CP PHOTO - Steve White)
YYZ – Flying to the Philippines (CP PHOTO – Steve White)

Here I sit at YYZ for more affectionately known as Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  The last time I flew out of here was two years ago as I was headed back to Vancouver.  A lot has changed in those two years.  I left my job at Ocean Quest Dive Center in Burnaby BC, sadly the departure was extremely bumpy, but it is always difficult to say good bye, and not everyone is mature enough to live up to the words they speak.  I married Michelle as we all know.

Arriving at YYZ

So, as per usual, I arrived at the airport a staggering 5 hours early, and we can always thank the Military for that, I would hate to be late for my flight which is now delayed I suspect due to weather.  So far with the exception of the flight delay everything has gone off without a hitch.  Last night, I plugged in the address to the Park & Fly in my GPS, and sure enough I arrive almost to the planned minute and the people at the Park & Fly were very helpful, explaining where to go, and what is needed when you get there. I returned to the car in order to pick up my luggage, and even one of the people giving directions came to me to explain how things would work, and even went so far as to ask if I had any questions.  I have to say I was very impressed.

There are a couple of different Park & Fly options, I chose Valet Park, since I did not want to carry my Car Fob with me to the Philippines in the event I happen to lose it, which if you know me is really possible.  If you would like more information about the Park & Fly at YYZ, click on one of the links above.

Philippines Airlines, West Jet and Flight Hub

As always, I am so very impressed with Philippines Airlines.  I really wish Air Canada would try to model their

YYZ - Flying to the Philippines
YYZ – Flying to the Philippines

service after them, as I still have a bad taste in my mouth when I flew with Air Canada now what three years ago.  This trip I kind of went about it a little different, I was not able to find the flights I was needing directly through the PAL website, so after doing an internet search, I found what I was hoping for through FlightHub.

Flight Hub

I choose to call Flight Hub, and book my flights through a customer service rep, and I have to say that everyone I spoke with was very very helpful, and friendly.  So my so, I got into a detailed conversation of where and why I was going to the Philippines, and that is when I learned that the Customer Service Rep was Filipino.  As my flight dates approached, I received a reminder email with my Itinerary on it, and links that allowed me to go to Chick In on line etc.  One thing that is a little different is that since Flight Hub books the tickets on your behalf, their locator numbers do not allow you to do the web check in on any of the flights.  You will need to check in once you arrive at the airport.


So, checking in at the airport, since my first leg of the journey is with WestJet I need to go through the Customer Service person there.  Once again, she was fantastic, very friendly, talkative and she was quick to answer all of my questions.  This is the opposite I have experienced with other airlines, United and Ari Canada being ones that come to mind.

So, I am T minus 3:35 hours to take off, I am enjoying a beverage, complimentary internet, and phone charging

YYZ - Flying to the Philippines
YYZ – Flying to the Philippines

here at YYZ, watching the snow come down, and counting the hours till I can be with my wife once again.  I would just like to Add, Greg McCracken, when you said to me how I had screwed my life up so much with my decision.  You were right, I should never have accepted the job with you in the first place.



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