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Why Use Packing Cubes

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I learned folding clothes while in the Military – I can back a bag a bag for a week long adventure in no time. However, when I arrive at my destination, it is disappointing to open my backpack and discover that my contents aren’t as neatly organized as they were when they went in. Thus the reason for Packing Cubes!

Packing Cubes

That is the very reason why I love packing cubes, like my favorite model, the Shacke Pak – 4 cube set. Amazon has the Shacke Pak and many others for sale. They are like little suitcases you put inside your suitcase! If you pack your clothes carefully folded into a good set of packing cubes before loading them into your luggage. Your clothes are practically guaranteed to come out neat and ready to wear.

Packing cubes, if you have not heard of them, they change the way you pack. These little cubes of zippered greatness will make you love packing for your trip! They will help you stay organized, and keep your clothes compact. You will be able to find those favorite shorts in record time in your backpack.

Benefits of Using Cubes

Packing Cubes
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Organize your clothes
  • Keep clothes neat with less wrinkles
  • Make it easy to pack, repack & find your stuff
  • Use as cosmetics bag
  • Maximize space
  • Use as pillows
  • Store items in between trips

How to pack Efficiently with Packing Cubes

There are some tips and tricks that will make your packing more efficient. Follow these steps

1. Bring just he basics

Figure out what you really need to bring. Once you do this, packing will be so much easier. I travelled through Southeast Asia for a year, and only brought 3 shorts, and 10 shirts. We can really do with less!

2. Categorize your Cubes

Get together what you want to bring and fold them. Then separate your clothes for each cube. The secret I use, once I have my belongs folded and ready to be packed. I roll every item into a nice tight tube to place in the cube.

3. Strategize!

If you are not sure how to pack your stuff into your cubes here are some strategies

  • Categories – Probably the method that is used the most. Its so simple and easy to do. Just pack similar items togethers and use just one of the packing cubes. Obviously, smaller items in smaller cubes, medium items in the medium cube, and so on.
  • Packing by Outfit – This is the least popular but it can be convenient in some situations. A perfect example of this is, when you go on a short weekend trip. You can plan your outfits pretty easily.
  • Back Individually – This is the ideal way for a family with kids, and Mom or Dad are packing their belongs with them. You are able to divide up the cubes per person.

Pros and Cons

  • Fit more into your suitcase (Compression packing cubes)
  • More organized
  • Neater and more tidy
  • Use the cubes to hold your dirty cloths as your trip progresses
  • Extra bags
  • Easily overweigh because you are fitting more into the suitcase
  • Hassle, the time it takes to pack
  • Potential wasted space

3 Responses

  1. Debra Kingsley
    | Reply

    Looking into these – would be great for my next trip to visit family!

    • KennyG
      | Reply

      Yes they work supper well, and I have been happy with the ones I have for sure 🙂

    • Amy
      | Reply


      I wanted to ask if you have gone ahead and purchased a set. If so, what is the quality like? I am thinking of getting a set, and I was curious.



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