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Adventures to Tobermory

Tobermory, Ontario

Adventures to Tobermory - Lighthouse
Adventures to Tobermory – Lighthouse

This weekend I had some Adventures to Tobermory, Ontario which is located in the Northern Bruce Peninsula. With its turquoise-blue waters and breath-taking views, you can imagine it can get quite busy during the summer season. My Uncle Ken and I started our journey by taking the QEW towards Hamilton then following the 403 to highway 6. During our 4.5-hour drive, we passed through places like Guelph, Fergus, and Owen Sound, thus confirming how far of a drive we were up against. While driving, I also noticed the lack of any Walmart or Starbucks once we got past Owen Sound! Once we got to our destination, we visited the info center to get the layout of the area, grab some maps and ask some questions before starting our adventure.

Crowsnest Pub

Adventures toTobermory - Sunset
Adventures to Tobermory – Sunset

We happened to come across a pub in the main shopping district called Crowsnest. It is surrounded by other little shops, a couple other restaurants, a dive shop, and a grocery store. We decided to give the place a try since we were starving, so we headed on in and found that the place has a very inviting atmosphere, friendly staff and a nice view of the water. They happened to have a great variety of food on the menu as well as a large selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Naturally, we decided to go with the nacho platter to share, fried pickles, and a dish of jalapeno poppers. To say in the least, everything was very delicious and we were quite satisfied with our meal and the service that we were provided with. I would definitely recommend the Crowsnest Pub to anyone passing through or going up to visit.

The Grotto

Adventures to Tobermory - Grotto
Adventures to Tobermory – Grotto

Being in Tobermory, there are all kinds of places to explore. I found that there were a number of hiking trails, a few water-front beaches, an assortment of lakes, and some great swimming opportunities. Although I did not swim during my brief adventure, I was able to see some of these areas and was able to admire the beauty of them. I did happen to visit The Grotto, which is mostly known for its clear, turquoise waters and the caves you can swim into. There are two
different parking lots to park in and the hiking time differs as well. We found out parking lot 1 is a 30-minute hike whereas parking lot 2 is a 50-minute hike. Getting up at 4am was a bit of a challenge, but the stars were gorgeous and it allowed us to drive down to the hiking trails. It was about 5am by the time we parked and got our gear together to hike down to the grotto in the pitch dark. We made good timing and were able to set up our gear for the sunrise in order to get some good shots; however, on our way back we did notice quite a few people already heading that way (7:30am) so it is best to get there early since it tends to fill with people fast. Even though the town is quite small, Tobermory has some great places for photography opportunities and it is a nice place to be one with nature.

Easy Diving and Beach Resort

Easy Divings Dive Center
Easy Divings Dive Center

We spent a fabulous time  at Easy Diving and Beach Resort from the 18th – 21 Dec, and what a fantastic time we had. This was a last minute booking for us as I thought we only had one day available since our week was pretty busy with Christmas agenda issues and we were expected back to work the next day, but we were able to swing a couple of days. Sadly I forget the name of the Filipina that we spoke to for the booking but she was very very helpful, and she was able to set things up for us and she was even more helpful when we decided to extend for a day, ensuring we were able to keep the same room.

We took a bus from Bacolod, and it easily took us about 5 – 6 hours to arrive in Sipalay. We were to be met at a drop off point by a Trike driver named Denmark but there was some confusion and we ended up taking one of the other Trikes that are there awaiting customers, and the price was the same as what it would have been if it was arranged by Easy Diving.

Local Boat at Sunset
Local Boat at Sunset

After an additional 30 minute trike ride we finally arrived at the gates of Easy Diving and Beach Resort and as with everything else things happened like clock work. One of the security guards assisted us with the bags, and delivered them directly to our room, and we actually made it in time for a late bite to eat. We got a quick tour of how to make it to our room, and we retired for a restful evening as it had been a long day.

We chose a Deluxe Room, so we could have a queen sized bed, the rates where PhP 2700 per night, and that came with Aircon and a mini bar, and I have to say it is half the price of the other Resort we looked at and after doing a little beach walk the rooms and the resort look a lot nicer. So I think we scored a big victory there.

Easy Diving's Boats
Easy Diving’s Boats

The first morning I spoke with one of the dive instructors named I do believe Carl, about taking my friend on a Discover Scuba Diving, as I am a PADI Course Director. I was very impressed, as I know what a hassle it can be for outside instructors to want to run things, he simply said he would ask the owner and let me know. Excellent, and he actually did exactly that. Christian, the owner of Easy Diving and Beach Resort, approached me later in the day and introduced himself and welcomed us to the resort which I felt was a nice warm touch. I can not say enough about the staff, especially the Filipina’s and Filipino’s which were very very helpful!!

If you are on Negros Occidental, and want a nice place to stay, don’t miss out on a chance for a little part of paradise!! I will be going back for another visit for sure!!