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Having lived in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and now The Philippines, I have seen a huge increase in the “Selfies” fenomenum and it is way way our of control here in the Philippines.  It does not matter where I am, sitting in Starbucks, walking on the beach, shopping in SM (Super mall) climbing the Pope towers, people are taking selfies.  I don’t mean simply looking into the phone, but they are using this thing called the selfies pole, they can put their phone on the clip and walk around and shoot videos of themselves walking around shopping in the mall, or going up and down the stairs where ever they may be.

What is the interest in the Selfies picture? I have always had a camera so I was never in the photo’s?  I mean seriously who wants to see my ugly mug…I do everything in my power to stay behind the camera and not get in front of the camera.

Lets here from the readers, talk the poll…are you or are you not caught up in the Selfies fenomenum??


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