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New oriGrid for the iPad Pro 12.9 – From tinyRigs

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tinyRigs – OriGrid

oriGrid iPad Pro - White keyboard
oriGrid iPadPro – 12.9

My go to electronic device is the my iPad Pro 12.9 tablet. Easily the smallest Laptop one can carry while travelling especially with the Magic Keyboard. The all new oriGrid easily the best addition to your iPad experience. This easily slides over the back of the magic keyboard and allows you to attach various items such as hard drives, hubs and the various cables you need to make everything work for you!

oriGrid Classic

Inspired by the simplicity and elegancy of Japanese origami. This ori-Grid is fashion meet technology. The patent weavable grid will allow the user to organize (to weave) into their everyday needs. The oriGrid for the iPad Pro is made of only the finest fabric and leather, oriGrid wants to be the perfect assessor for the everyday computing needs.


  • User weavable grid based organization system for your iPad Pro 12.9 or 11
  • Sleeve on design wore on your iPad non-destructively
  • Leather trim for long lasting durability
  • Camera Bumper to protect your camera module.


Pros and Cons of the oriGrid for iPad Pro


  • Outstanding Storage – who needs a backpack
  • Compatible with the Magic Keyboard
  • Pockets for cables, airpod and other gadgets
  • Adjustable grid on the origrid for the iPad Pro


  • Shipping time 🙂 I have trouble waiting for my toys! 🙂

Overall I think of all the available addons you can get for your iPad Pro, the oriGrid is easily the “No Brainer” purchase. I love this, it’s a must have for your kit. I have added links to find this to purchase. Remember there is no added cost to use the links. It does however give a small kick back to Runawayprop so we can continue doing reviews. Don’t miss out on the oriGrid for the iPad Pro, thank you and be sure to leave your comments below. Cheers

4 Responses

  1. Dave Smith
    | Reply

    Thank you for posting this. I followed the link to Amazon and purchased one for my iPad Pro also. I am really excited to receive this. Keep up the good job!! Thank you


    • KennyG
      | Reply


      Thank you for the positive feedback! Let me know how you like the oriGrid when it arrives!! Game changer for sure!

      • Dave Smith
        | Reply


        How long did it take for your oriGrid to arrive? I have a tracking number etc, but I am trying to get a feel for the wait time??


        • KennyG
          | Reply


          Mine arrived in about 29 days from time of order. The tracking information is kind of hard to follow, it was looking like it took almost 20 days to leave China, but it did arrive for sure. I also, got an email from tinRigs offering about 1/2 my money back if I did an Instagram story on the product. Let me know if you get one as well.


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