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Rogers Hotel Manila
Rogers Hotel Manila

After flying into Manila last night in order to make my flight back to Vancouver for today, I decided at the last minute that I might try just sleeping in the Airport in Manila Terminal 2.  Well that was shot down right off the bat as you are not allowed in the airport unless it is 4 hours before your flight.  So, while at the Transfer desk for PAL, I asked about a hotel, as you know me I kind of fly by the seat of my pants.  The clerk working there was not to sure, and sent me off with one of the other staff members.  So, inside the Terminal (Terminal 3) there is no information desks, walls, telephones for any hotel, and once you leave the airport well you can not get back in.  Very important piece of information when you are thinking of sleeping in a terminal.

So, out of the terminal we head.  This gentleman assures me there is a hotel close by with room available and a free shuttle.  First place we head to is the taxi’s, “Well sir that will be P650, ($17.50 CDN).  Not overly impressed, I say no way, and the price drops to P330, and I say free shuttle, but thank you and walk away.  Not trying to be difficult but Free is Free.  The gentleman catches up with me, and introduces me to a lady who can get me to the Roger’s Hotel, in Manila, near Terminal 4, for only P2990 ($78.00 CDN), free pickup and and free shuttle back in the morning for my afternoon PAL flight.

So, true to her word, 5 – 8 minute wait, and the shuttle arrives and we are off to the hotel.  The driver and I had some small talk, and he quickly asks me if I am looking to have a good time while I am in Manila, and I say what do you have in mind.  Sir, I can get you a girl and you can do whatever you like to her.  Thank you but no, I have a girl friend.  He replies, “is she with you tonight.” We have a laugh and that is that.

Overall the room is clean, TV is in working order, and there is a snack cart in the room.  The AC was on which I had to quickly shut off or freeze to death.   I would be more than happy to recommend this as a place to stay.  It’s quiet, and clean and there was hot water which was fantastic as it had been a few weeks since I have had the chance to use any!  Next time back to the Philippines, I want to spend three weeks in Manila to explore and take pictures, it looks like a lot of fun!

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