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Mag-aso Falls

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Mag-aso Falls
Mag-aso Falls

Michelle and I sent the the week after Easter touring through Mag-aso Falls near the city of Kabankalan.  We boarded the Ceres bus from Bacolod City.  The trip took maybe two hours with a couple of stops at various cities en route, we decided to take the Deluxe or Aircon bus and for the few extra Peso’s it cost its well worth it, as we do not stop every couple of minutes like the Milk run does.  There is nothing wrong with the Milk run, but it takes a lot of extra time that will take away from your time of exploring the Falls.

Dumaguete vs Kabankalan

Once we arrived at our destination and we were trying to hire a ride to Mag-aso Falls, all of the tricycle guys told us it was cheaper if we had taken the Dumaguete Bus from Bacolod as it would pass by the road we would travel up in order to get to Mag-aso Falls.  To little too late I suppose, after Michelle discussed prices with the Tricycle guy, we got the price down to 350 pesos for the 1.5 hour trip.  Well interesting as it turns out, Michelle and I had to walk most of the way once we reached the Mountain road as the guy could not get up the steep hills.  Not worry, no reduction in prices as we had already set the price.  Steep hike but enjoyable never the less.  On the return from Mag-aso falls our plan was to get dropped off at the Dumaguete stop, but the price was the same as it would have been if we went the full way into the Kabankalan bus station.  So no real savings either way.

Mag-aso Falls Resort

Mag-aso Falls
Mag-aso Falls

The resort was well off the beaten track for sure.  The cost of the cottage we stayed in was 1000 pesos per night and it was well worth the money.  It gave us more time to explore the area.  The resort was very nicely laid out, busy with plenty of visitors and lots to see.  First thing we did one we got there, was un pack and then headed down the stairs to the valley floor, and then followed the trail to the falls.  This is an easy descent, the stairs were well, and there are railings, the path is laid out well also, though when it gets wet the rocks are pretty slippery.  If you are not sure of foot, care needs to be taken.  I was using my Tripod as a walking stick to steady myself especially with the knee issues I have.

The falls are simply beautiful to view, there are many stalactites forming in various areas of the falls.  Spectacular to see, though I wish I could have gotten closer in order to see them and photograph them closer.  The water is cool, but nice to enjoy, and with all the limestone you can see the lime on the bottom of the various calm pools in the area.  It was nice seeing all the people playing and enjoying the water, as well the brave souls that climbed their way high up the cliff sides to jump into the deeper areas of the collecting pool at the bottom of the falls.

Mag-aso Falls is well worth visiting, I would even suggest you spend the night there, seeing the stars were beautiful, there are only two cottages so reservations in advance are a must.  If you have any questions by all means let me know.

Photo Credit: A Special Thanks to Ken Dunlop Photography.

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