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Bella Beach Oceanside

Bella Beach Oceanside

As usual we left it to the last minute to decide that we were going to go away for the weekend.  The Labour Day long weekend in the middle of a Pandemic we figured finding a place to stay would be easy. What a mistake that turn out to be. Pretty much every place was booked on the Sunshine Coast. Bella Beach Oceanside was the only Motel showing up as available with a price of $260.00 a night if we used Booking dot com. I’ve stayed there before and there was no way I was going to pay that amount for Bella Beach Oceanside. The other issue was a year prior to this the place was closed up. Not open for business and I was not loosing money on a booking.

Finally, I decided to call Bella Beach directly. Because last time I was there, they were not open. The first exciting thing was a King-Sized Ocean facing room was only $199.00 for the Saturday. Sunday had the price down to around $160, I was more then happy to book. What I did not know, was that the hotel had undergone a full renovation. 

Bella Beach Oceanside

The Porch

When we arrived the place was packed, there is a new Restaurant there called the “Porch” which is certainly a nice touch.  The food was good and there were a few Plant Based food selections which made it nice for me.

The room make over was nice.  There were electric blinds, on the sliding doors, new furniture, the bed was very comfortable, and the bathroom was amazing.  There is now a big walk-in shower with a Rainfall shower head which was simply amazing!  The mirror has a built in anti-fog system and

The best part of the room was the simple fact was it was ground level and facing the Straits of Georgia and the spectacular sunset each night.  If you have a plan to come to the Sunshine Coast, I would definitely recommend staying at Bella Beach.  

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