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New Attractions to Visit – Travelling the Philippines 2021

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As travel restrictions are slowly lifting around the world, this is a perfect opportunity to start talking about destinations.  We plan on Travelling the Philippines as soon as we can. Having had the honor of traveling through Manila when in serving in the Navy, later I had the opportunity to live in the Philippines with my lovely Filipina wife.   There is no greater country to visit then the Philippines as there is so much to offer Travelling the Philippines!

Places to Visit

Manila – Jose Rizal Park

Travelling the Philippines
Jose Rizal Park – Manila

An iconic park that spreads out over some 60 hectares of open lawns, ornamental gardens, ponds, wooded areas, and paved walks.  The area has many monuments dedicated to Filipino heroes. Jose Rizal was executed at this site by the Spanish colonial authorities. Rizal Park is a lovely place to visit especially late afternoon, early evening.  Here you will find the Rizal Monument and mortal remains guarded by sentries in full dress uniforms. The Monument stands as a symbol of Filipino nationhood.

Camera setup of choice

Travelling the Philippines - Ulanzi Vlogging Cage for GoPro
Ulanzi Vlogging Cage

During the visit to the park, I made use of my Ulanzi vloging cage on my GoPro 8.  This was the perfect camera selection, as it is small, light weight and you can shoot on 4K.  The Ulanzi cage allows you to use the GoPro audio adapter so your audio will be amazing!  This is a must have when you are traveling to record your memories!

Travelling the Philippines – Baguio City

Michelle and I spent a few days in Baguio just prior to the pandemic. Baguio City is in the mountainous region of the island of Luzon. Burnham Park is one Baguio’s most welcome attractions. There is cool weather year-round, a wonderful to get some relief of the unbelievable heat.

This century-old park is best know for the lake that is man-made and the swan boats that people of all walks of life can enjoy! The park also overlooks the tallest mountain range, Mount Kabuyao, so your trip will surely be worth it.

Getting there

From Metro Manila you can catch the Victory Liner for between 450 – 800 peso ($11.25 – $20.00 CDN) which is very reasonable. You could also choose to take an Airport Shuttle Van, which will be about 4h 30m and you will be paying about $205.00 CDN. It all comes down to what you can afford.

Visitor information including rates:
  • Burnham Park Entrance Fee: Free
  • Swan Boat: PHP 60/hr
  • Rower: PHP 25/additional
  • Boat Groups: PHP 100/hour with an additional PHP 25 for a rower
  • Hours of Operation: 9am to 7pm

Many More Places to Explore

One piece of reference material I found invaluable for Traveling the Philippines is Cebu-Philippines, the ultimate travel guide for Tourists. This guide covers everything, from Visa requirements, maps, flights everything. This ebook is only $9.99 and it will make all the difference in the world making your stay in the Philippines so much more!

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  1. Debra Kingsley
    | Reply

    Great pics – certainly hope to get to the Philippines at some point. Nervous about the heat but I’m sure something cool and refreshing would be available. There was a pic of an old ship in Jordan Harbour that you took – the powers that be are planning on destroying it for ‘safety’ reasons?!? I’m so thrilled to have a copy of it.

    • KennyG
      | Reply

      Wow, after so many years its now determined to be a safety issue? Has it moved or is it still resting in the same location?

  2. Shelly OConnell
    | Reply

    Where all did you go when you were in the Philippines. One of my dreams is to visit the Philippines, and I would love to get more information about the area.

    Thank you.

    • KennyG
      | Reply


      Good morning, thank you for reaching out. Yes I lived in Bacolod City and I own a home in Kawit Cavite, so I am there all of time. Do you have an idea where you want to visit? I can work out some recommendations for you, and I have some family in the area, I might be able to even arrange a guide if you need? Let me know and I will get to work on it for you!!

      • Shelly OConnell
        | Reply


        I was thinking of starting off north of Manila in the Luzon area for a couple of weeks. then I was going to head down towards Negros Occidental and travel around the area. Any suggestions would be fantastic!

        Thank you

        • KennyG
          | Reply

          Thank you for getting back to me. I will get you some information for various areas that are must see spots! When are you planning on going on your trip?


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