Adventures to Tobermory - Lighthouse 1
Tobermory, Ontario This weekend I had some Adventures to Tobermory, Ontario which is located in the Northern Bruce Peninsula. With its turquoise-blue waters and breath-taking views, you can imagine it can get quite busy during the summer season. My Uncle Ken and I started our journey by taking the QEW […]

Adventures to Tobermory

The Kookoo's Nest Resort Zamboanguita Philippines
So the gang got together this month in Bacolod City and dediced we should head down to The Kookoo’s Nest Resort Zamboanguita Philippines, and boy was it an adventure as always.  The countryside on Negros Occidental Negros Oriental always is picturesque, to say the least.   With all the beautiful Rice […]

The Kookoo’s Nest Resort Zamboanguita Philippines

Back home in Bacolod City, Philippines
Here it is June and I find myself finally back home in Bacolod City, Philippines.  I have been struggling away back in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada for the past six months.  Every moment of the day that passes me by has me thinking of here Bacolod City, more precisely my […]

Back home in Bacolod City, Philippines

Cebu City: Street Kids
Here I sit at YYZ for more affectionately known as Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  The last time I flew out of here was two years ago as I was headed back to Vancouver.  A lot has changed in those two years.  I left my job at Ocean Quest Dive […]


Coming to Canada - Hydro Power Plant, Niagara Falls
It’s been longer then I had liked between my posts but I have relocated back to Canada, Niagara Falls to be exact.  Very close to where I was born and my journey that has taken me around the world on a number of occasions.  This post is titled “Coming to […]

Coming to Canada

Rice Fields in the Mountains
So this is a pretty crazy story, and a cool one, and one that is pretty amazing. So, as you know Michelle and I are husband and wife, and Michelle is 100 percent Filipina. She was born and raised in the Cavite area in the Philippines. Michelle and I dated […]

The Philippines