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Sun’N Fun RV Centre

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Sun'N Fun RV Centre
Sun’N Fun RV Centre

Michelle and I went to see a 1987 Camper Van at “Sun’N Fun RV Centre” in Waterdown Ontario.  We drove sixty minutes to see the Camper Van and as the excitement was high.  Just behind the back of the service department there she was, sitting there waiting for us.  Sadly though, just after opening the side door, we knew it was not for us!

Sun’N Fun RV Centre

I am having a difficult time getting my head wrapped around how the viewing went.  The salesman, was sure to let us know, that the van was kind of guaranteed to run problem-free for about six months but after that, all bets were off.   I tried to find out what he meant by that, but could not get detailed answers. We are finding it difficult to find a Class B Camper Van in our price range, and when we do, it’s snapped up before we can get a bid on it.  We have been looking on Kijiji, CraigsList as well as Auto Trader but still no luck.  We have decided to search Canada-wide from British Columbia through to Nova Scotia.  We just missed a beautiful Class B in West Kelowna today.

We will keep pluging away and see if we can find what we are looking for.  We even have thought about doing a conversion of our own, which we think would be a lot of fun but we are not sure it will be any cheaper than purchasing one.

Check back in a few days as we continue to look for a suitable Camper Van.

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