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Pay As You Go
Pay As You Go

So, being that I have travelled in this area of the world before, I thought I would have my new iPhone unlocked from the Rogers Network, prior to leaving for the Philippines as I do remember how inexpensive it is to purchase a Sim Card.  Here is a small comparison.  On the Rogers Network it was $50.00 dollars to purchase a Sim Card for a Pay as you Go phone cards, in comparison to here, where it is P40 (Philippines Peso) or to be exact about 99 cents USD.  Wow, how come? Oh right Rogers once told me they have superior service, but as anyone can attest to, we know that is not true.

Anyways, so I had to decide was I to be making more phone calls, sending Text msgs, or Surfing.  Well I picked Text and Surf.  On the Smart Network which is the network I am on now, for Unlimited for 30 days the cost is P995 or $22 USD.  Wow, now that is cheap!!  I also belonged to the Globe network when I first arrived here, and much like the Smart network I got a SIM CARD, and 7 days unlimited surf and text with an additional P150 on my account for P699.  Now this turns out to be a little more than the SMART network, but I did this right at the airport, and we all know nothing at any airport no matter where in the world is cheap.

So here is the hinky things I have experienced since arriving here.  I went to reload the Globel Sim card, and discovered that I need to pay P550, in order to get 30 days, unlimited text and surf.  Pretty inexpensive once again, however, I had to have the update sent to my phone, and my number in the phone did not match what was on the SIM CARD so the update went into space.  Since it did not arrive, I would have t0 pay for a second update.  At about this point I could not decide if I was being taken on a merry little circle of money letting.  So, I decided to switch to the SMART network.

So, in an attempt to get the Unlimited surf and text, I bought two P500 top up phone cards, and this should have give me P1000, and the Unlimited was P995, and I know I am not that great in math, I did however get told that there was not enough on my account in order to purchase this, and when I checked my balance, it did indeed tell me my balance as P986, which was not enough. The weird part was the phone company lady had the phone in my hand, and we had done nothing to have cost me the P14, so we could not figure out why or where it went.  But, the funny part was when I asked if she was curious where the money went, she said NO, and you did not have enough money on the account.

The long and short of things, is that I am always amazed how things work out.  Does it really make a difference, no….but don’t you want to know where the 14 pesos went….NO?

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