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Thinking of traveling to the Republic of the Philippines, well if you are looking for a great flight with a very professional staff then PAL (Philippines Airlines) is your choice.  Leaving Vancouver was slightly delayed but that was because someone who checked in never made it on the plane, therefore we had to wait for the luggage to be off loaded for safety reasons.

We flew on a 777, with spacious seats and an entertainment system that have movies, games, TV shows and many other items one could use for our enjoyment.  If this had been an Air Canada Flight or United Airlines flight no doubt we would have had to pay for this service.  However with PAL it was complimentary.  The flight attendants were very attractive Filipino women, with bright and beautiful smiles.  It was truly a joy.

I am headed back to Vancouver on the 3rd of Sept on PAL, and it’s an A330 Airbus if my memory serves me correctly, I have to say I have only been a fan of a couple of different Airbuses, so I am certainly looking forward to seeing what this one will be like.

Looking for a flight to Manila, think of going with PAL, direct flights, great prices and professional staff!!


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