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The Negros Museum

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Part of the US exhbit
Part of the US exhibit

Yesterday turned out to be a great day here in Bacolod.  I had the opportunity to visit The Negros Museum which is located right next to the Hall of Justice on Gatuslao Street in downtown Bacolod.  Michelle and I had a few hours to kill before seeing the Judge, and discovered the museum was right next door so off we went.

I have had an opportunity to visit many museums around the world, and like most this was very interesting and certainly an enjoyable couple of hours spent exploring.  The Negros Museum is a small rather simple museum, but there was certainly some very powerful images and exhibits to be seen.  One I enjoyed very much was Toy Land, a very large sized room, filled with beautiful displays of toys from around the world.  As I suspect nothing there from Canada but there was an exhibit of toys from New Mexico in the United States, and sure enough there was an item there that I had bought, though not as a toy but it brought back fond memories.

If you have a couple of hours to kill, and want to take a walk through the museum, it is time well spent.  If I remember the tickets where P100 for adults and P70 for kids.  Don’t miss out, stop by and visit The Negros Museum.

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