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Jose Rizal

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José Rizal
José Rizal

I had the privilege to spend a week in Manila the end of November, with a person from Cavite, and they were nice enough to accompany me on some sight seeing journeys.  The time was well spent, I was able to visit Fort Santiago, and Rizal Park.  This afforded me the chance to learn some of the history of the Philippines which I have found very enjoyable.  Specifically I learned some things about Jose Rizal.  I always kind of prided myself as a Canadian, we learned many things in High School History class about the various other countries and not just our own, but I have not had any schooling on the history of the Philippines.  Since I plan on trying to stay here for an extended stay, I think it would be valuable to learn more about the country where I will be staying.

Jose Rizal by all accounts died a martyr for his country, condemned to die at the hands of a
Spanish Firing Squad, for events he had nothing to do with.  I had the opportunity to walk through the Park named after Jose Rizal and to spend time at the memorial for him, but it

Fort .... Museum
Fort Santiago Museum

did not really all come home to me until I visited Fort Santiago and the museum that is there explaining his life story.  I found this a very moving visit, and I was able to read about his life and the way it ended.  If you are in Manila, and have an opportunity to visit the Park and Fort Santiago, be sure to do so.  I would give yourself and good 4 hours or more so you are not rushed, and you are able to take a read of the various placards that are devoted to Jose Rizal.

For more information you can visit this website, Jose Rizal Biography.

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