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Exploring Beautiful Merritt & Nicola Valley

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Exploring Merritt
Exploring Merritt – Nicola Valley

I can’t believe it but we have been in Merritt now for almost 3 full months. I am always amazed how fast time flies.  We’ve only ventured out to explore the area mainly because we have been working some pretty long hours.  Two weeks ago I was about to make it back to Abbotsford to pick up Freedom Freddy.  With Freddie back in the picture, we will be able to spend more time exploring Merritt.

Douglas Lake is an area we want to explore.  Photography is our main interest, we are constantly on the search for grand vistas to shoot that spectacular image for our Instagram Account.   Logan Lake is another area that has been recommended for us to explore.  However, finding the free time to get there is our issue.  As the weather improves and the long hours of daylight I am sure will make it possible to get the opportunity for Exploring Merritt.

Freedom Freddy  – Exploring Merritt

Exploring Merritt
Exploring Merritt – Nicola Valley

The Clearwater River runs right past where we live, giving us an excellent opportunity to shoot the river during the sunrise and sunset times.   It’s challenging to find the best composition, however, due to all the areas are private property.  I thought I would in most cases simply ask permission to enter the area for the image, but it is difficult to find the owner, or who the property belongs too.  One option I have been leaning towards is starting Drone photography.  I think this could be the answer to many of the problems, but there is quite the cost involved.

Drone Photography – Phantom 4 Pro

Exploring Merritt
Exploring Merritt – Nicola Lake

The Phantom 4 Pro would be an excellent selection to help Exploring Merritt and surrounding areas.  Using the Phantom would allow us to find various trails as well as points of interest to hike to in order to spend time shooting there.  It’s pretty difficult not knowing the area overly well and not really knowing anyone in the area that is truly into Photography in the manner in which Michelle and I are.   Hopefully, over time, we will meet some like-minded people but until that point in time, we will slowly explore Merritt.

Anyone in the area interested in going out to spend the day exploring Merritt to shoot some excellent images.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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