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Coffee Masters

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Coffee Masters - GreenyLou
Coffee Masters – GreenyLou

Michelle and I were treated to a very cool event “Geographic Considerations for Coffee” that took place this morning at Starbucks Bacolod City.  I would be lying if I did not admit I have this thing for Starbucks, but this Starbucks is very special as there are many Coffee Masters here who love their jobs.

Every time I walk into this Starbucks there everyone says hello, not just to me, but to everyone.  You are treated to the same chorus of good-byes at the end of your stay when you are headed back on your journey.

Coffee Masters

This morning Coffee Masters – GreenyLou and Vina explained where the various coffee regions are in the

Coffee Masters - Vina
Coffee Masters – Vina

world.  They also explained about the temperatures of water, if coffee pressing how long the water needs to steep before you actually do the press.  Did you know that 4 minutes is the amount of time to wait. I can hardly wait one minute, but 4 oh my!

Also, new to me was the proper way to taste coffee.  If you have ever had a coffee with me, you know I simply drink it.  But, when comparing coffees from different regions there is actually a different scent, and also a different taste.  Also, if you slurp the coffee you can get the full flavors that are there for you to enjoy.  We had the Guatemalan roast which I found had a full body taste, and the taste of Coco, Kenya Coffee actually had an after taste of grapefruit and funning thing, I enjoyed that very much.  We also tasted Sumatra coffee from Asia Pacific, which I thought was a fantastic flavor though I am not sure I noticed any specific taste to it.


Coffee Masters - Learning to Press
Coffee Masters – Learning to Press

I have been to many different Starbucks all over Canada, the United States, Thailand, and now the Philippines, this is the first place I have seen that has seminars on coffee.  Of all the places, Bacolod Starbucks truly have Masters of Coffee working at their store.  Well done! I had a blast!!

  1. Debra Kingsley
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    I didn’t realize that Starbucks was so big in the Philippines. It’s big in Canada but somehow I never think of the business being so loved in other countries. I will think differently from now on – thanks for this story.

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