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New Years 2015

New Years 2015 Bacolod
New Years 2015 Bacolod

Happy New Years 2015 to Everyone from RunAwayProp Dot Com.  This was our first year in Bacolod for New Years Celebration and what a crazy fun evening it was!  The streets were alive with people playing with Fireworks.  There was not a spot free on the road we live on, where people were setting off fireworks celebrating and ringing in the New Years.  I was amazed with the number of fireworks going off!  Very cool, great time!!

Once again, Happy New Years 2015…Be safe and prosper!!

The Negros Museum

Part of the US exhbit
Part of the US exhibit

Yesterday turned out to be a great day here in Bacolod.  I had the opportunity to visit The Negros Museum which is located right next to the Hall of Justice on Gatuslao Street in downtown Bacolod.  Michelle and I had a few hours to kill before seeing the Judge, and discovered the museum was right next door so off we went.

I have had an opportunity to visit many museums around the world, and like most this was very interesting and certainly an enjoyable couple of hours spent exploring.  The Negros Museum is a small rather simple museum, but there was certainly some very powerful images and exhibits to be seen.  One I enjoyed very much was Toy Land, a very large sized room, filled with beautiful displays of toys from around the world.  As I suspect nothing there from Canada but there was an exhibit of toys from New Mexico in the United States, and sure enough there was an item there that I had bought, though not as a toy but it brought back fond memories.

If you have a couple of hours to kill, and want to take a walk through the museum, it is time well spent.  If I remember the tickets where P100 for adults and P70 for kids.  Don’t miss out, stop by and visit The Negros Museum.


Outside the Pension House
Outside the Pension House

So, I have been in Bacolod for about two weeks not, and I am still trying to figure out the rhyme or reason behind the positioning of the various Secuity guards I find posted throughout the city.  Almost every business has a security guard posted at the door.  Each one is armed in a different manner, and I had decided that there would be some sort of reasoning for the different weapons each guard has.  So for example, a bank Security guard would be armed with the most weapons, and it is for the most part so.  I have seen the American M-16 and everyone’s favourite the Combat Shot gun.  I also saw a Security guard at the Dunkin Donuts with a Combat Shot gun.

At the shoping center SM, everyone for the most part has a hand gun, something in the range between a 9mm to a revolver, and also I have noticed that some of the Security Guards have a holster, however no weapon.  I am not sure if that is they are new, or that they can not aford to have one.  I would say though, I think that is very dangerous.  I mean there is a gun holster there must be a gun, so of course they would get shot at.  That is the same situation that I was put in when I was in the NAVY.  In the late 80’s if the brow staff was armed, but no breach blocks.  So, we looked armed, but really weren’t.  We could of course through the hand gun at someone.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up this morning while having breakfast at one of the local malls’ I saw two

Security Guards outside the Bank
Security Guards outside the Bank

people with Combat helmet, full armer and then the M-16, and an MP 5, go swiftly through the mall.  I was ready to eat ground, until I realized they were escorting money to the bank from the armoured car.  So far I would like to add, that I do feel safe, and so far everyone has been very friendly, but I am always aware who and where the weapons are, one never knows.