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Beautiful Algoma Country – Northern Ontario

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VanLife - Algoma
Algoma Country – Black Bear

We are on Day three of our adventure and so far it’s been fantastic!  One of the highlights for me was Algoma Country because from seeing the Algoma named ships in the Welland Canal.  There was such a liberating feeling as we left Niagara Falls, where we’ve called home for the past two years.  Sadly over the past couple of months living the VanLife we finally started meeting some open like-minded people, but to quote someone “Too Little Too Late”.

South Baymouth, Algoma Region, Sault Ste. Marie, and Wawa

As we approached Tobermory and the ferry terminal the scenery started to become quite picturesque, and if you ‘ve driven with me before you will know I was looking for some opportunities to shoot some images.   We lucked out at the Ferry Terminal.  There was a lovely young woman working there and she was so helpful.  She could tell we were a little lost about where we could boondock for the night, as we passed by the Terminal entrance she called out and asked if we were going to catch the 7:00 am sailing.  I had become so used to everyone’s indifference and not open to help, I was shocked!

The ticket agent said we could buy our ticket and line up and spend the night there while we waited!  We were on a roll for sure!  The 7:00 am ferry left on time and as I have become accustomed to Michelle’s question, “Ocean Hun?”, “No babe just a big lake.”  I know she is missing the ocean as am I, soon though.  After arriving in South Baymouth,  we stopped at a nice little Shell gas station on our left.  The people there were so friendly and helped us with a couple of small “fuse” issues.  Just as a point to note, not many gas stations actually have 12 v fuses in their stores.  So badly so one guy was not sure how it was spelt.

Our destination for day 2 was Wawa and having made this drive in the past, I knew it would be a long drive.  I have to say, my sister,  Deb has done a fantastic job driving “BlueJay” this is by far the longest trip she has driving on.  We arrived in Wawa around 18:30 and settled for the night.

Day 3 Wawa to Thunder Bay

VanLife- Algoma Country
Algoma Country – Lake Wawa

We decided to Boondock on the Beach at Wawa Lake, what a fantastic quiet area to enjoy the sunset and sunrise to start our Day 3 journey.   We had a fantastic sleep the air was cool and clean, in stark comparison to the air in Niagara.  Michelle and I started our next leg at around 9:00 am.  The road between Wawa and Thunder Bay seems so long.  The highway is cut through the dense bush there is not much to see until you get into the Nipigon area and start to head towards Lake Superior.  Though in the end, it is still so beautiful.

We have decided to spend a couple of days in Thunder Bay to recoup and pick up some supplies.  Thunder Bay is a beautiful town, the people are friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend a visit if you’ve never been here before.

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