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The runawayprop is an all-in-one travel photography blog where you can learn the basics of travel photography, some of the coolest destinations to be, how you can modestly travel and live in such destinations, and must-have gears based on firsthand experiences.

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Quite often, you’ll see blog posts on how you can; seamlessly enjoy your adventure; improve your photography skills, document your travels, and become a great travel photographer even. I’ll be updating the blog with tips, gear/ camera gear reviews, and travel destinations, all from my experiences.

Perhaps you’re considering going on an adventure with your friends or family, or even just you, the idea behind my blog is to get you fully prepared or at least prepared for what you might encounter on such travels, how you can modestly get the most out of your destinations by enjoying your time, what gears to bring along, how you can document your adventures using the best and affordable camera gears.

I’ve also enabled comments on the blog section to foster forum interactions. You can drop comments, make contributions, and ask questions from time to time. I’ll be there to follow up..

Note: I earn a commission on every purchase you make following up on sales links from my blog.

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Make your adventure easier by reading stories from firsthand experiences. Learn about the coolest places on earth


Don’t get caught off-guard. Go prepared. Here, you’ll learn about the various gears to bring along on your adventures. The goal is to have an amazing experience.

Photography tips

A picture is worth a thousand words. What thousand words do you want yours to be worth? Photographs have a remarkable ability to make us emotional. Learn tips on how you can get the best shots out of your adventures.

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Until now, I’ve only traveled the world on job assignments having served in the Canadian Navy for 2 decades. During those times, I’ve experienced the world in quite a different way. You know, you don’t get to catch a glimpse of the beauty of a destination or take a photograph as you watch the sunset over a calm ocean on such travels – it’s always business as usual. However, even on those travels, I’ve always known what I wanted to do after I retired. Which is to experience the world in quite a different way; enjoy the beauty and the calmness of the seas whilst listening to Sitting at the Dock of the Bay  from my earpod…read more