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Drag Race at Mission Raceway

VanLife - Drag Race
Drag Race – Out of the Starting Blocks

This August long weekend has been busy for Michelle and me.  I worked the graveyard shift Friday night and then Saturday afternoon. Sunday, however, we spent with my friend Alexis and her boyfriend at the Mission Raceway watching our first ever Drag Race.

Drag Race Day in Mission

We spent the night out side St Mary’s church off Joyce Street in Vancouver.  Michelle and I have not been able to find a church, so we decided since there is a large Filipino population in this area we would start off at this church first.  It was perfect, we found a parking spot right beside the church, so we Boondocked there.  I would drive by this church every Sunday when I worked in Vancouver before.  I found it ironic to be sleeping at this corner.  After church, we went to a nice little restaurant called Manila Grille, as one would expect the food was amazing and Michelle had the smile on her face saying…I don’t feel so far from home!

After lunch, we stopped at my favourite Starbucks on the corner of Boundry and Canada Way, and sure enough, there was someone I knew working that day.  Nice to see familiar faces for sure!  From there it was off to Mission to find the drag race and to meet up with Alexis.

Mission Raceway – Mission BC

VanLife - Drag Race
Drag Race – The Finals

Being that we are geographically challenged on occasion, I could imagine how difficult finding the Raceway was going to be.  Surprisingly, after checking in to Google Maps, I realized I knew where it was right away.  Afterall I seem to drive past it every day at my new job, so it was a cinch to find.   I have to admit I thought the entrance fee was a little on the steep side with a $40.00 for really what turned out to be a 3-hour viewing of the end of the Drag Races.

It was a great opportunity to get out and catch up with Alexis, someone I have not seen in a couple of years.  Michelle and I had a lot of fun shooting a different genre if you will.  If you get an opportunity to shoot at the Drag Races be sure to give it a try!

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